Hailey Baldwin Boobtastic Pimping Down Under


Look, everybody and their mother who is the least bit famous or infamous is selling cosmetics somewhere. It's a big billionaire business and every girl with good looks and a well known name wants to cash in on their share of the beauty market. It's a massive commercial ruse naturally, but it causes the likes of Hailey Baldwin to trek half way around the world to Sydney Australia in revealing tops to promote her new cosmetics line.

Hailey Baldwin is sort of the junior sister to the Jenner girls. She does pretty much the same things, and sells the same craptastic, but with slightly less publicity, notoriety, and general noise. Don't feel too sorry for Hailey, second prize in this game still nets you millions of dollars which last time I checked is still better pay than working at Forever 21. I should know. I keep applying there. Hailey, you look all kinds of funbag revealing Down Under. Way to represent. And sell. And sizzle. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Splash News

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