Gigi Hadid Undersized Pink Bikini for Love Advent Nearing Climax (VIDEO)



 As the LOVE Advent calendar season rolls to a conclusion, we wind down on another stellar December from all the good folks at Love magazine and their access to top flight level faptastic celebrity model talent. Most definitely including Gigi Hadid, who in this unfettered video format we see in an undersized pink bikini that barely contains her infamous funbags of non-traditional model proportions. Not to mention, all those birthmarks all over her body with which I'd kill to play connect the dots, though not using a traditional pencil.

Gigi Hadid, you in that Manhattan apartment prancing about in tiny pink bra and panties is a rather bosomy killer. And a fitting climax to the Advent. I feel the spirit within me. It's definitely moving me. I may never be right again. Enjoy.

Photo credit: LOVE Advent


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