Bella Thorne Boobtastic Sweaty Ab Workout


I don't have to ever wonder how our favorite sexastic celebrities obtain and maintain their righteous bodies. That's the benefit of peeping on them in the gym. Not to mention to and from when its the likes of ginger boobtastic young wonder Bella Thorne, who never really covers up, even on a chilly day. Why put a drape over your finest assets? That's rhetorical. Bella and her tight abs and slender waist and blessed funbags look far better in a sports bra and Spandex stretch pants than any silly winter outfit.

Bella and her sister Dani were working up a sweat at a workout place where I can't imagine I'd get much done. Dozens of cleavage baring women in tight lycra grunting and groaning. It's like something straight out of my dream. Especially when you have lean and taut Bella in th middle of it all, perfecting her female form. Somebody has to do the hard work to keep our relationship vibrant. Bella, I appreciate you taking up that responsibility. I'm more of a watcher you might say. So sweaty hot. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

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