Alexis Ren Love Advent Dinosaur Seduction (VIDEO)



Here's everything I can possibly understand about this Alexis Ren dancing with costumed dinosaurs video for Love Advent. I lust hard for Alexis Ren. I literally don't understand a single other thing about this production, what it's supposed to mean, how it relates to the holiday, or where the filmmakers get their dank weed. But lusting hard for Alexis Ren is enough.

In that case, seeing her stretch and high kick and dance about in a leotard running up into her fun parts is always going to be alluring. Entertaining is another matter. This is not how I would choose to shoot Alexis Ren if she told me I have her for the next six hours and anything goes, but to each their own. Even if my ideas are better. Alexis, you are so hot. Please get back to the basics. Meaning, no clothes, a camera, and your fine female form. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Love Advent

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