Supermodel Natasha Poly Black Bikini Hottie


I love it when a plan comes together. Also when supermodels show up entirely without fashion surrounding them and merely a bikini. As they were when they first entered the business, sharing polaroids in two pieces to determine their worthiness to walk the catwalks and cover the magazines.

Natasha Poly shows indeed her qualifications. Tall and hot and exotic or foreign looking. That universal beauty that determines the fate of your modeling career early on. When everybody said to you in school, you ought to be a model. Not that I remember being told the specifically myself, but I assume people must've been thinking it. Natasha, how I long to feel the warmth of your hot body beneath my meticulous sand-removing fingers. It's a skill I've acquired while serving many a tall passion inducing woman. Just whistle. I'll be there. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Splash

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