Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Super Hot For Elle Korea


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the secret weapon of the modeling world. She used to work constantly, now, by choice, she's far more particular with whom she shares her visual wonderments and Britty good looks. But when you draw her from your holster, be sure there's going to be a loud bang on the other end where some gentleman ogler forgot to lower the shades.

Featured in Elle Korea, Rosie provides the answer to the question: what shall get my blood boiling today in this human shell? She's been doing thusly with her ridiculously alluring female form for a solid decade now, since she came of age and began sharing her gifts in most benevolent manner possible. Those bra peeks are as passion inducing as those braless peeks. The duality is what wins the day. And those funbags. What a gal. Now, to the showers for a quick change. Of course I stole your towel. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Elle Korea

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