Kate Upton Bikini Modeling


Granted, these shots of the bodacious and happy happy fun body time model Kate Upton are a bit on the shopped side of the aisle. Not sure why magazines and catalogs feel a need to use their full ration of airbrushing on every single photo deck, but it's their habit and want and tradition and a bunch of other things that are hardly an excuse. We don't need glossy perfection Kate Upton. Bouncy flouncy only almost perfect Kate will do for my dreams, thank you, sir. Or ladies, they are really the ones who Photoshop the most.

Nevertheless, any chance to see Kate Upton in a bikini is a chance to drive blood to the appropriate part of the extremities and one I will gladly take. We hardly get to see Kate much anymore since she went into semi-retirement, you know, as people do at twenty-three. Her love life has cost us quite a bit. I hope it's worthwhile. To her I mean. To use clearly not. Kate funbags, come back to us and we shall forgive, though obviously never forget. Not the motorboating fantasies in the least. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Boysbe

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