Joanna Krupa See-Through Goodness for Halloween


Joanna Krupa is one of the lust-inducing women who will surely be one of my future ex-wives. For now I along with the rest of the world suffer her sweet sextastic teases by way of the hot housewife outfits and daring to bare the finely tuned blonde commando body during day time beach romps and evenings out and stealing all the paparazzi attention. Knee high boots and riding crops, oh my.

Halloween is naturally a holiday now for both little children and grown women with glorious funbags. Not sure who decided to merge the two constituencies, but I'd be glad to ditch the kid part if at all possible. This is the season for the most ridiculously hot bodies to show off in see-through and barely there low cut outfits pretending this was a random costume choice. You spent hours picking out the right one. I won't tell a soul. But I will ogle well into November. I choose treat. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Splash News

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