Charli XCX Bikini Snapchat


Charli XCX follows in the grand tradition of hot young often-British pop music stars whose music I get to officially ignore while even more officially un-ignoring the tremendous amount of skin they bare constantly on stage, in magazines, or via social media self-published selfies and videos. It's impossible to put the value of this trade-off into numerical value. But let's just say, tons and tons of happy fun times.

Charli's latest work are Snapchats of her sweet bikini clad teats. I'm sure she has something important to say and I'm sure it's up to the viewer of this content to discern that for themselves. She works very Socratically. And even Socrates loved a good wank. Anybody can sing. Not everybody can show off their tender fun female parts seven days a week and make it look effortless. The music is in the melody of the sextastic. Now, back to the studio, Charli. The photo studio, yes, that's obviously what I meant. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Snapchat

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