Ariel Winter Bikini Booty Shake (VIDEO)




Ariel Winter is wasting no time in falling into the category of getting all grow'd up but quickly. The Modern Family star is making a break for the rest of her professional life by not hiding her sweet knockers and fun female features both in public and quite nicely so on social media. She likes to contextualize her booty and boobtastic highlighting photos and videos with a nod to women's liberation. Whatever gets you through the show with a smile says the polite gentleman ogler.

In her latest work, Ariel provides a derriere show on Snapchat for her followers and the world of leering men in general. There's no reason why you can't be a smart, independent, and ambitious young woman and still provide the world peeks of your various peaks and blessed valleys. That's the real empowerment. At least, I'm sticking by that advice to all the loveliest of ladies out there in Tinsel Town. Empower away. My eyes can take it. I can't speak for my other organs. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat

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