Maitland Ward Fishnet Stockings


Everyone's favorite ginger exhibitionist, Maitland Ward, wore a pair of fishnet stockings in her latest Instagram blast. Maitland regularly takes to social media to show off her killer body. In this outing she does show us most of one of her unbelievably large funbags but these pics are all about that booty. Maitland has a nice curvy round bottom, the kind you want to hold on to for dear life. she is looking really nice in those fishnets. I don't know what it is about fishnets that make them so damn sexy. A girl could wear tights or pantyhouse and I wouldn't care, but a nice pair of fishnets and you've got my attention. This is especially true if the girl in the fishnets is a sexy redhead former kid's star grown into a buxom beauty like Maitland.

I hope she keeps it up. It must be tough for her to come up with new scenarios of nudity almost every day. I hope the well doesn't run dry. 

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Photo Credit: Instagram/Snapchat

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