Lady Gaga Bare Midriff Bra Peek


Neo-cowgirl Lady Gaga showed off her bare midriff as part of her new country girl look. For the first time in months we see Gaga in something other than daisy dukes, which is a shame. She can really fill those out and often has booty cleavage to show. But fret not, because she's still showing off plenty of skin. Gaga dances a lot in her stage show so she naturally needs to be in really good shape. Her abdomen is nice and toned. That's one of the things that's great about Gaga is that she's slender in the right places and curvy in the even better places. A testament no doubt to her Italian heritage. All I know is that she is one spicy meatball. 

I could do without the pink cowboy hat. I'm from Texas and no real cowgirl would wear a pink cowboy hat. But she's new to the whole country thing so I'll give her a pass as long as she keeps dressing sexy. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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