Elsa Hosk Spandex Stretch In Miami


The unbelievably gorgeous Elsa Hosk was looking delectable in a sports bra and tight Spandex pants. Not every woman looks good in a sports bra. A lot of them get the dreaded monoboob. But not Elsa. When you are dealing with chichis of the magnitude she's packing, then mere fabric can't make it look bad. They are just too gorgeous. Do you think they let just anyone be a Victoria's Secret lingerie model? Nope. Only the best. Then there is the way her perfectly proportioned booty looks in those super tight Spandex pants. I would like to personally wear that butt as a hat. There is nothing sexier than a woman that's all flushed and sweaty from working out. It's the only reason to go to the gym. It's a scientific fact that they release pheromones during exercise that drive us wild.

Alas, I cannot pick up Elsa's pheromones from here. And yet I know that they are there and that makes me happy to be alive. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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