Bryana Holly And Carmella Rose Barely Covered


Seriously sexy duo Bryana Holly and Carmella Rose did the covered topless bit by a waterfall. You know, like you do. Except for a strategically placed arm or waterline, these two would be naked. I mean, I guess they are naked any way, we just can't see their jubblies in all their glory. But believe me, you see plenty. Bryana is your classic blond bombshell, with knockers that bring a tear to the eye with their perfection. But let's not forget about that booty which you pretty much see in all its glory. Scientists should study that butt so that they can know what a perfect booty is like for comparison. Then we have Carmella, who is Bryana's equal in pretty much every way. I think, though Bryana's ta-tas are superior, that Carmella has the better booty. Not that I'd kick either of them out of bed.

Bryana and Carmella should work together more often. They could be a package deal, a two for one ta-ta/booty combo. 

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Photo Credit: Ryan Hattaway

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