Youth Actress Madalina Ghenea Sexy Wedding Dress


Youth star Madalina Ghenea was looking less than virginal in a really sexy wedding dress. Usually I don't look at women in wedding dresses and think they are sexy. Beautiful maybe but not sexy. But then again most wedding dresses don't have the plunging neckline that this one does. It's all about the cleavage in this dress. It makes me want to marry her. Madalina has a tremendous rack. It is the kind of funbags you want to marry. Then you get to play with them whenever you theory. They are almost perfectly round. Seriously, you can calculate Pi with these bad boys. I really need to start watching this Youth show. If she dresses like this for a wedding scene imagine what a beach scene looks like. 

Madalina is a really exotic beauty. She's Romanian so she's kind of East and kind of West and all hottie. 

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Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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