Miley Cyrus Pokies At Nobu


Everyone's favorite wild child, Miley Cyrus, was seen poking through her shirt while getting her car at Nobu in LA. Miley was, of course, not wearing a bra. Why would she? When you are young and have a nice bouncy pair of perkies like she does there is no need. They stay up on their own in defiance of gravity and the will of God. That's how powerful I think Miley's ta-tas are. She looks cold because her nipples are about to bore holes through that shirt. Miley has settled down a bit over the last couple of years. She doesn't run around naked in public as much as she used to. I guess she's growing up, though I don't think that's any reason to stop running around naked in public. You can be plenty mature and still show some skin.

I have a theory that Miley Cyrus was not born in a conventional way. It think she hatched fully formed out of Billy Ray Cyrus' mullet just like some Greek gods did from Zeus' leg. 

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Photo Credit: Splash/PacificCoastNews

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