Mary Elizabeth Winstead In Lingerie


Sexy actress and all around hot person Mary Elizabeth Winstead modeled some tasty lingerie in VVV Magazine. Mary is one of those actresses you've seen in a million things but you don't necessarily know her name. But you are always happy to see her because she's a good actress and she's effing hot. In these pics she starts out fully clothed and then slowly takes it off until she's down to some sheer underwear that you can totally see through. Mary has an intense set of perkies and a dynamite body that is making my salivate a little bit. We also get a peek at her booty in a set of sheer tights that look friggin' delicious. Mary makes me want to settle down with her and open a B&B in Vermont and raise 5 kids. That's how intensely I feel about her.

I first became aware of her in the later Die Hard films. They may not have been cinematic masterpieces but they did give us Mary and for that they were worth making. 

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Photo Credit: VVV Magazine

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