LeAnn Rimes Vs Ariel Winter Braless Hotties


Country singer LeAnne Rimes and Modern Family's favorite nerd daughter Ariel Winter both wore sexy lace-up shirts. This gives us a great view of their glorious cleavages. Of course, we all know that Ariel Winter has some of the best ta-tas in Hollywood. They were so big she got them reduced and they are still gargantuan. Imagine if she hadn't gotten that surgery? The mind boggles. But LeAnn is no slouch. I remember a giant billboard of her on my way to school back home in Texas and seeing her jugs 20 feet high was a great way to start the day. So, which one wins? I like them both and they are different and special in their own ways. I refuse to choose.

I like lace-up shirts. It reminds me of when I used to go ogle the wenches at the Texas Renaissance Festival when I was a teenager. What do you want from me, I was a huge nerd?

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