Lea Michele Swimsuit Photoshoot In Malibu


Glee star and all around hottie Lea Michele was seen taking some photos for a shoot in some tasty swimsuits. Her ample bosoms were practically popping out of them. Ta-tas of Lea's caliber cannot be contained by mere cloth. They want to come out and breath. Hence why her nips are standing at attention to the point where they look like they are going to rip the fabric. Then there is her killer booty. Too bad you didn't get to see more of it on Glee. I would have kept watching the show if that were the case. I mean, I like accapela singing as much as the next person, but I would like it a hell of a lot more if you through some skin in the mix. 

I remember I first became aware of Lea when I saw her on Broadway in Spring Awakening. She takes her top off in that show. So, the first time I saw her I watched those luscious melons come out. I love the theater. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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