Lady Gaga Daisy Duke Booty Cheeks Round 2


But wait, there's more Lady Gaga short shorts action to be had. Yesterday we told you about Gaga parading around Berlin in a pair of cut-offs and an open shirt. But, like a true artist, she is always looking to outdo herself. That's exactly what she did in these sexy pics picked up by your friendly neighborhood paparazzo. She shows even more of her lovely booty cheeks with these shorts. The bottom butt cleavage is kicking it for real. Gaga has a nice butt from all the dancing she does and, lucky for us, she likes to show it off. But that's not all. Yesterday she had her shirt open and flashed us some bra. That's great. But today she's got a crop top and has some serious underboob going. No bra is to be seen at all. The mark of good drama is when you raise the stakes, and she has done that in spades.

Gaga's penchant for nudity is one of her best qualities I think. It would be a damn shame to keep a body like that to yourself. In fact, it would be downright cruel. 

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Photo Credit: Splash/PacificCoastNews

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