Lady Gaga Booty Peek In Berlin


Intergalactic space hottie Lady Gaga was seen in Berlin wearing a pair of short shorts and an open shirt. Gaga has a really nice booty and she likes to show it off. Nothing wrong with that. She's got a bit of underbutt cleavage showing that is just delightful. No wonder all her fans are clamoring around her. I'd want to get a closer look at those cheeks too. Because she's the ultimate showwoman, she doesn't stop there. She's also got her shirt open so you can see her bra and cleavage. I've seen Gaga around New York City and she rarely disappoints. The couple of times I've seen her she wasn't dressed in a meat dress or anything like that, but she was showing off plenty of cleavage. She's surrounded by paparazzi at all times and she knows what they are looking for. She's happy to oblige. 

It's always a good way to end the day with a pic of Gaga doing her thing. She's an American treasure. Not only can she sing but she likes to flash a lot of skin. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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