MUST SEE: Katy Perry Gets the Hottest of the Wicked Hot Treatment (VIDEO)



Katy Perry is a silly bit of musical nonsense. And her songs do all sound exactly the same, like 80's pop songs rebooted. But God bless Katy Cocktease and the manner in which she's been able to turn her cheeky monkey bit into a massive financial undertaking. I mean, besides the fact that she's simply refused to bare her top for all the millions of men dying for a little brazen Perry funbags.

I'm ready to forgive and forget. I mean, forgive, but never forget her cute hotness and curvaceous allure. She's got a something something going on. And that Orlando Bloom is one lucky bastard to be discovering that something something. Mostly now I just want to cry. Check out our Hottest of the Hot homage and see if you don't as well feel choked up. Enjoy.

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