Elsa Hosk Models Lingerie


Sexy Swedish hottie Elsa Hosk does what shoe does best and models some tasty lingerie for Victoria's Secret. Of the VS Angels Elsa is definitely in the top three hottest ones in my opinion. She's simply unbelievably gorgeous. Not only does she have a beautiful face but she's got a body that makes even other top models look frumpy by comparison. She's got a rack on her that makes those bras look worth the high price tag. You could put anything on those bad boys and make them look good. Though we hate bras as a rule here at Egotastic, these look amazing on Elsa. Then there is her booty which is an outstanding example of the bootylicious arts. Scientists should study her butt so they can harness the power of the ultimate booty for good. 

I look forward to getting the Victoria's Secret catalog in the mail. Maybe I'll scan this picture at a super high res and blow it up into wallpaper. 

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Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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