Elsa Hosk Cheeky Shorts In New York


Sexy Swede Elsa Hosk showed off a little cheek in some short shorts in New York City. Today is Labor Day and that means, alas, the end of summer. That means that pretty soon here in NYC, the ladies will be donning coats and winter hats and their skin is going away. Still, we have another week or so where hotties like Elsa can flash some booty. The Swedes are really good at making meatballs, ergonomic furniture, and hot blonds with nice butts. Elsa certainly has that. Her cheeks slip out a little when she bends over a little bit. There is nothing like a bit of butt cleavage in the afternoon. Elsa should go down to Miami next where she can wear a bikini for a while. Until Hurricane season starts anyway. 

Elsa's butt cleavage should be put on the Euro as a matter of pride. 

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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