Britney Spears Shares Super Hot Workout Video


Hall of fame hottie Britney Spears released a glimpse into her sexy workout routine with a video on Instagram. Britney is in ridiculously good shape. She's got abs that you could grate cheese on. Not that you would want to do that but you could if you wanted to. She is nothing but toned and perfect. Her giant jugs bouncing up and down as she works out is a beautiful thing. It helps that she's wearing some super tight Spandex that shows off her body. Sure, she had her setbacks for a few years there but she's returned to us better than ever. While teenage Britney in a Catholic school uniform was phenomenal, I think I prefer older, wiser Britney. She's still as hot as ever but is now more experienced. 

I want to see her show next time I'm in Vegas. She likes to wear really skimpy outfits during her stage show and I want to see that in person. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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