Adriana Lima Lingerie Hottie (VIDEO)


Brazilian hottie and Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima showed off the goods in this sexy lingerie video. Everyone on Earth knows that Adriana Lima is one of the hottest women on the planet. Her sexiness has made her a household name and it's easy to see why. She's got a gorgeous face, like it was painted by some old dead renaissance dude beautiful. Then there are her plentiful funbags. They are so nice a juicy that you just want to give them a squeeze. But you refrain because that's how fools get arrested. Then there is her amazing heart-shaped booty. I would personally like to wear that butt as a hat. But let's not forget her long silky legs. She's got the traditional model height with those sexy stems. What I wouldn't give to have them wrapped around me in the throws of passion.

But guys like me don't get to date girls like Adriana. We have to be contented with watching her from afar and dreaming. 



Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret 'Intense'

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