Lais Ribeiro Cleavy Peeks


Lovely lady Lais Ribeiro showed off her ample bosoms in this revealing cleavtacular spread For Love and Lemons. They put her in a variety of choice outfits that all had one thing in common: they all featured a cleavy peek at her funbags. Lais has got some intensely amazing knockers as we know from her extensive bikini work. Lais is from Brazil, of course, because that's where all the primo hotties come from. I'm not sure what it is about that country where hot women seemingly grow on some kind of hotness tree. Is it the food? The climate? The fact that women all where tiny bikinis so it forces them to stay in shape? It's hard to say. What I do know is that Lais is definitely a hottie amongst the hotties. 

Lais cleavage should be featured on the medals of the Rio games instead of their stupid logo. Think of all the fun Michael Phelps would have with his 15 million medals if they all had Lais' jugs on them. 

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Photo Credit: For Love And Lemons

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