Hilary Duff Wears Daisy Dukes In NYC


Hilary Duff, the ultimate MILF, was spotted wearing a pair of short daisy dukes in New York City. Hilary was always hot, but is it weird that now that she's grown up and a mom I find her even more attractive? I'm usually not into the whole MILF thing, but she's a young one still and looks great. She has a penchant for wearing short short daisy dukes a lot. It makes me very happy. She's got a booty on her that makes me glad to be alive. But let' snot forget those lovely Hilary Duff ta-tas as they bounce down the street. I've wanted to nuzzle my face in those chesticles for decades now. Maybe one day the gods will grant my wish. 

If I had known she was in New York I would have offered to take her out for some meatball subs or something so I could see her walking in those shorts. 

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Photo Credit: Splash

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