Elsa Hosk Lingerie Goddess


Swedish beauty Elsa Hosk wore some tasty lingerie in her job as an underwear model for Victoria's Secret. Elsa is one of my favorite Victoria's Secret Angels. She's unbelievably gorgeous. Like, you look at her and it renews your faith that life is worth living she's so hot. Her Swedish meatballs look good enough to eat in those lacy bras and bustiers. Her whole body is a work of friggin' art. From her round, firm booty to her long silky legs. She looks like she was carved out of white marble by a Renaissance master. And that face it ridiculously beautiful. It makes me wanna shoop, as Salt N Pepa might have said. 

I look forward to seeing these pics in the Victoria's Secret catalog when it arrives at my house. It's like a free present from the folks at VS just for being alive. 

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Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret

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