Charlotte McKinney In A Chesty White Tank Top


Chesty legend Charlotte McKinney was looking particularly delicious in a revealing white tank top. What can I say about Charlotte's ta-tas? They are the best around. Who even comes close? They are so large that they produce their own gravity and pull other smaller funbags into their orbit. These things should have their own LA County zip code. In this case they are hanging out in a skimpy white tank top with no bra on underneath. It seems to be the theme of our posts today. Hey, it's hot and bras are uncomfortable. I get it. I wouldn't want to wear a bra in this heat if I was a hottie. A mere tank top isn't enough to shelter a pair of funbags the magnitude of Charlotte's. It's only fabric, after all and Charlotte is something special.

Charlotte is my favorite. Of all the girls we cover here on Egotastic, she's my absolute favorite. No one even comes close. 

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Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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