Alicia Vikander Amazing Hot Goddess


Ridiculously hot actress Alicia Vikander did a revealing photo spread for Vanity Fair. I've been all about Alicia since I first saw her as a sexy robot in Ex Machina. Since then any opportunity I get to enjoy looking at her in various states of undress, I take it. In this spread they have her in a series of provocative outfits that mostly show off her ta-tas. Alicia has got a wonderful rack and these pics let you see the best of her cleav and sideboob. Those chesticles of hers deserve their own Academy Award. She's also got a killer pair of legs that go on for miles. She's tall and her legs are nicely toned, which is a wonderful combination.

I can't wait for her to star as Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider movie. Alicia in those short shorts and revealing tank top? Now you're talking. 

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Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

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