Scout And Tallulah Willis Bikini Fun


Sister hotties Scout and Tallulah Willis know that Instagram was created for bikini pics. The two of them love to pose in bikinis as much as their mom Demi Moore likes young meat. Both of them have huge racks although if I had to choose I think Scout's jubblies are a little bigger and more voluptuous. Not that Tallulah's yabbos are anything to sneeze at. They were also blessed by their mom's booty. Both sisters have a butt that I'd like to gnaw on in a purely metaphorical sense. Scout and Tallulah are both in great shape. They've managed to keep the curves while keeping it tight everywhere else. How many women can say that? Their stomachs are so taut you could bounce a quarter off of them. 

It's no wonder they are so hot. It's in the genes. Young Demi Moore was a friggin' knockout. Like around the time she did Ghost. Ooh. I would love to make a pot with her. 

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Photo Credit: Instagram

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