Demi Lovato Barely Covered For New Album


Demi Lovato never seems super comfortable with nudity. Which is unfortunate, but less unfortunate when she realizes the great need for skin in pimping her musical wares and appears barely covered in art work for her new album. I can't say that I'm intimately familiar with Demi's albums per se, or her songs, or music, or epic ballads and party dance mixes, but I am quite familiar with her body that she exposes about twice a year almost always in promotion of her core revenue business. And it is a nice body.

Demi finally made that transition from child actress into adult music pop star and celebrity sextastic symbol. It was not easy for her personally, or for those of us waiting patiently. But the results are truly faptastic. Something to behold whilst listening to decent music. Demi, more of this please. It's truly on key. Enjoy.

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 Photo Credit: Instagram

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