Chrissy Teigen Sheer Top In Daisy Dukes


Chrissy Teigen has one job and she does it quite well. It used to be the fun girl on Twitter late night showing off bits of her hotness and ripping into people like a drunk cheerleader. Mostly pretty funny, definitely very hot. Since marriage and baby, Chrissy's new focus in being a celebrity registered MILF. Hence her inclusion in Fergie's new stupid song about sextastic moms raking it in in Hollywood. So very true.

Chrissy hasn't gone full hardcore public exhibition just yet since producing her first of offspring, but she's edging into her previous notorious and reliable visual wonderment status with little peeks as this sheer top and daisy dukes number she pulled off to kick off July. In the right light I'm quite sure you can see where babies get their milk from, her child being one lucky bastard. That sounds so harsh, but is ever so true. I'm next in line, Chrissy. You can keep the short shorts on whilst nursing. I'm very into teasing. Mommy! Enjoy.

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 Photo Credit: Splash

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