Angelique Kerber Vs Serena Williams At Wimbledon


German tennis star hottie Angelique Kerber is playing homegrown sexy tennis legend Serena Williams for the finals at Wimbeldon and it is a battle of who looks hotter in tennis whites. Angelique has supermodel looks and has that whole tall Teutonic beauty thing going. When she squats in her tennis skirt it is a beautiful thing, my friends. But Serena is in incredible shape. That woman has managed to both be very muscular and keep all of her curves. She's got a rack on her that puts a hurt on me. Not that Angelique's schnitzels are anything to sneeze at. I would very much like to go thirty love on those bad boys. For me it comes down to the booty which Serena knows how to twerk something serious. Did you see her in Beyonce's Lemonade video? That girl can move. But then again I bet Angelique's booty knows how to work as well.

I just can't decide which one I like better. They are so different and sexy in their own way. Can I have both? Maybe it's the upper middle class prep school in me, but a girl in a tennis skirt does it for me. 

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