Nicole Murphy Bare Midriff Veteran Hotness in the L.A. Heat


Whatever it is, Nicole Murphy still has it, and I want it. The late Forties and Faptastic former model and Eddie Murphy wife shows no signs of slowing down in the showing off in public department. She may not be as universally half naked and exhibitionist as is years and decades prior, but this MILFy veteran hottie still has more than enough mojo to go bare midriff whilst shopping in Beverly Hills.

You won't see a ton of nearing fifty year old women with low slung bottoms and a bare tummy parading in the summer heat, but I wish we did see more. You know hot older women is one of my 11,379 documented fetishes. I can imagining a day of shopping with Nicole Murphy could be rather fun. Though not as enticing as an evening of trying things on in the boudoir. Mature women don't play lots of games or revel in that younger woman's dance of the equivocation and endless teasing. The bell has rung. It's business time. We're all busy people. I dig that. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

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