Michelle Hunziker More Cleavy Bikinis In Italy

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Michelle Hunziker is on vacation in Italy and she's delighting us all with her tasty bikini pics. Michelle is a seriously sexy individual and the more of her we see the better. She has a little floral teeny tiny bikini she's been wearing around that really brings out her assets. By assets I of course mean her big ol' boobies. She's got a rack for the ages. I would give Michelle the most thrilling three and a half minutes of her life, I'll tell you that right now. But it's not just her ample bosom that makes life worth living. She's got a butt that won't quit. It's seriously a work of art. I'm pretty sure that when she sits on the sand it leaves the perfect impression of a heart. It's her way of saying I love everyone, here enjoy my booty.

We really don't see enough of Michelle. She really needs to get out there more, preferably in a bikini so that we can all enjoy looking at her. 

Photo Credit: Splash/FameFlynet

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