Michelle Hunziker Booty Cheeks In Black Bikini In Italy


My future adopted mom Michelle Hunziker continues her bikini vacation in Italy, which considering she lives in Italy and she's kind of on permanent mommy care and vacation status makes sense. But it's still relatively rare that we get to see Michelle Hunziker in her full bikini regalia. My Swiss Miss beloved future caretaker and potentially Adult Nursing Mistress has through blessed genetics and I'm sure regular trips to the gym has turned her post-natal body into one fine MILFtastic specimen of ogle worthiness in a black bikini.

However hot Michele was before, her second round of marriage and new family making has only made her that much more alluring. Not to mention busty. Some day when she's tucking me in at night and reading me the erotic bed time stories I beg her to read over and over, I'll whisper softly my more prurient thoughts about son and adopted mom. She'll blush. She must. I'll blush. I can make myself. Then we'll turn up the sound on the mobile above my bed and do things only seen in European art house films. It all started with a black bikini. I take no blame. Enjoy.

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