Lea Michele Daisy Dukes After Sushi In Hollywood


It was a record hot day and night in Hollywood and the surrounding environs, leaving the likes of Lea Michele to head out to dinner in short shorts and some kind of barely there bikini top. Extreme heat is no problem for the sextastic celebrities dedicated to the gym and keeping in perfect showoff shape year round. Just strap on the beach gear and head to fancy sushi.

Lea is somewhere in between boyfriends or with a new boyfriend or recently dropped her former professional escort boyfriend. I can't remember exactly because I'm kind of busy staring at her legs. Tis the season to value the splendor of the lady gams. When temps start hitting 100, you know it's time to roam the streets of this not so fair burgh and take in the skin filled sights. Lea and her slender fine female form most definitely included. Enjoy.

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 Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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