Emily Ratajkowski Happy Puppy Show for Women in Film


It's not called the Women in Film celebration for no reason. Though the reason probably isn't so that the prurient leering set of the world might glance at how decked out celebrity women flashing their funbags. Though that would certainly be a valid reason. And perhaps the reason Emily Ratajkowski wore a rather revealing top to the event. You don't get these kind of blessed sights at the Men in Film events. Not that they exist.

Emily may not actually work much in film, but she certainly knows how to win the red carpet cameras at a film event. She's done it numerous times now. She has two secrets. Both of them were very much in the forefront of display at this fancy event to which I was not only not invited, I was sent an un-invitation not to attend. I wear their scorn like a badge of honor. Also, I obviously still peeked. Emily, you dress the best. And undress. More of that please if we really want this party to get started. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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