Charlotte McKinney and Aubrey O'Day Lead Big Bosom Show At House Of CB Party


I must admit my knowledge of British retail fashion brands is somewhat weak. So I had to look up House of CB. Other than the fact that it's a place where good looking women pay a ton of money for shmata, I forgot everything I just read. More importantly, now that they're hosing parties in Los Angeles to promote their brand, and inviting tons of bosomy bodacious celebrities to show off their tops on the red carpet, I am officially taking notice. 

Charlotte McKinney, Aubrey O'Day, Adrienne Bailon, Mel B, Kelli Berglund, all showed up looking like a billion damn cleavetastic dollars, ensuring themselves much paparazzi attention as they don't really attend these events to help sell other people's clothing. The spotlight is upon you, shake your moneymakers and make the world remember your name, if not your sweet funbags. I love the first fifteen minutes or so of these kinds of events. Once the lights go down and the small talk begins, it becomes remarkably less compelling. Huzzah for teats! Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Splash

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