Aida Yespica Chesty Bikini Top In Miami Beach


It seems like forever since we've seen Venezuelan beauty queen and Italian TV transplanted star Aida Yespica in her bikini guise. Likely off making babies with men who are not nearly qualified or as desperate as myself. The Sudamericana beauty is a regular sweetheart of the mind and body and soul in The Boot, where she's stunned men on up to the former Prime Minister who used to routinely mention his loin-based affections for the sextastic delight.

Aida is back in Miami for a little R&R, which includes at least a top side show off her of faptastic body in a bikini, baring some of the sweet boobtastic that had her rising our charts by leaps and upskirt bounds just a couple or three years ago. Aida, you make me want to be a better man. Or a richer man who speaks Italian. Whichever gets me to the Promised Land faster. Enjoy.

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