Margot Robbie Hot Beauty Secrets In Lingerie for Vogue (VIDEO)


I'll be the first to admit this Margot Robbie piece about morning beauty routines is entirely meant for the female consumer shopping side of the audience equation. Yet, I'm so entirely infatuated with Margot Robbie that seeing her prance about in lingerie in the morning makes me interested in no matter what she's talking about. Cucumbers on your eyes? Perfect. All the better for me to tell you how much I resemble Ryan Gosling as I massage your most intimate lady parts with my imported peacock feather mitts. It's a service I offer at no extra charge.

Margot Robbie was tapped by Vogue magazine to show the ladies of the world how she gets to be so incredibly good looking. Of course, she leaves out the part where she was born with blessedly hot genes, works out constantly, and eats super healthy, because mud packs and conditioners seem like they might be the answer to looking sextastic at just $49.95 per bottle. Sucker bet. But oh how I'd indulge in Margot as my all day sucker. This is too much. I'm drooling over a woman's magazine. Nothing new there. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Vogue

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