Kelly Brook Lingerie Tease


Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be even hotter women to see today, oh, along comes Kelly Brook of the bodacious body fame in bras and panties to remind you about that dream you once had seventeen times about Kelly in sheer satin lingerie. She really is the champion of a very certain part of my mind Where the Wild Sextastic Things Are. Just roaming about in silk and lace and bursting out of her tops with her mighty DD's. 

Kelly can't simply put on any old bra. There's a strong amount of physics involved in hefting those hefty funbags. She does it so well, with her own line of lingerie designed for the motorboating set of ladies who inspire men to do so many great and horribly stupid things in alternative sequences until the day they pass. Kelly, you are a dream among dreams, a British bubbly bodacious hottie who revels in sharing hot shots of her ridiculously curvaceous body. I think I'm in lust, all over again. Flash me and let me be the happiest man on the planet for the two seconds before my head explodes. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Maniac Magazine

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