Jessica Alba Naughty Hoola Hooping In 'Dear Eleanor' Trailer (VIDEO)

Jessica Alba plays a naughty early 60's stage girl in the movie Dear Eleanor which you probably won't see unless your girlfriend makes you go, a movie about two girls making a cross-country road trip to meet Eleanor Roosevelt. You know, like you always dreamed you could. But back to Jessica Alba and her naughty use of a hoop on stage.

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We've lusted the MILFtastic Jessica Alba for longer than I can remember, though not a day I choose to forget. While we'd prefer to see her in her more revealing film roles, we take what we can get with Jessica, including her winding a hula hoop through her happy region where I've been trying to AirBnB now for so many years. A brief role, but glad to see Jessica still entertaining the ideal of visual treats in cinema. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: 'Dead Eleanor' Nine Nights

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