Irina Shayk Short Hair Bikini Photoshoot


Irina Shayk always looks like a million bucks. And costs about the same. I'm not a big fan of the shearing of the long brunette locks, but I do understand women find that need every now and then to go short so their friends can call them cute and adorable. As i would tell Irina were we face to face, because a man knows that opportunism ranks above honesty when it comes to the finest examples of the fairer sex. Also, I detest Bradley Cooper that much more now, lucky bastard.

You can never go wrong posing Irina in bikinis, even if you start adding tons of costumery. Her sextastic invariably shines through. Now, if we can just think of the right person to shampoo and rinse her new hair in the tub after the shoot. Hmm, who wouldn't mind getting their Superman t-shirt a little wet massaging her in the tub? Let me think. Thinking. Irina, just forwarded you my LinkedInForLust profile. Let me know if I fit the bill. I can only assure you the desire is there. So damn hot. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Numero #173

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