Irina Shayk Lingerie For Extreme Black and White Hotness


As I continue to maintain, to win your big Advertising award, the little globe or pyramid on your mantle, convince the boss to let you hire Irina Shayk to pimp and promote your little bits of swimsuit or lingerie or even boots and watch the sales tick ever skyward. There's no genius in moving merch. Find one ridiculously hot Russian model with the body of a faptastic angel and direct her to writhe around in ecstasy donning your product.

Such is the case with the Intimissimi lingere line in black. I'm not a big fan of the clothing on the sextastic ladies, but I'd probably abide a little bit of bras and panties with Irina. So hot that her lucky bastard boyfriend Bradley Cooper has agreed to let her mom hang out with the two of them on trips and functions. You know that's a sign you have a man wrapped around your finger. And why not when you can do so in lingerie. Marketing genius. Really. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Intimssimi

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