Emilia Clarke and Sophie Turner and the Fine Ladies of Game of Thrones Celebrate Season 6 Premiere

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I'm not sure if I'm more excited that Game of Thrones is finally coming back or the array of the show's hotties on the red carpet for the Season 6 premiere. Okay, realistically, I'm far more excited about the sextastic looking ladies, but the show's one of my favorites as well, so if I could watch in the company of these ladies, naked all now that all are of majority age, that would truly be the best.

Emilia Clarke, Lena Heady, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Nathalie Emmanuel, Hannah Murray and the bevy of beauties young and not so young who dot the t's of that show with their Iron Throne passion inducement all made quite the visual display on the red carpet in Hollywood. The show is quite the phenomenon and only continues to grow. One of those rare shows that picks up more and more audience the longer the series goes on, in no small part because of the premium cable ode to topless women and scantily clad maidens. Whores, slaves, princesses, and queens. That's the name of my new rock band. Let them eat cake. Whilst undressed. Bring on Game of Thrones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

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