Nicole Murphy White Lace Cleavage In West Hollywood

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Nicole Murphy may be getting older, but no less showy. The former wife of Eddie Murphy and former fiance of Michael Strahan continues at forty-eight to show off her racktastic and slender female form whenever out and about and possibly captured in any way by the cameras. The sextastic exhibition is a hard habit to break, and we'd hate if any of our veteran hotties did just that.

Nicole Murphy is still very much attracting the dudes young and old to leer into her mighty teats and imagine what late night hot tubbing might be like with the lady. The mature gals do know their way around a tub full of wants and needs, bubbling as it may be. Nicole, you have so much left to offer. I'm leering at two of them right now. Don't call me out in public, though I wouldn't mind you calling me names in private. Meow. That wasn't me. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash

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