Australian Supermodel Shanina Shaik Bikini Peeks In Miami

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Shanina Shaik and her DJ boyfriend, because every big league hot model has one these days, hit up Miami Beach with the hot Australian bikini and lingerie model showing off just a hint of her sweet bikini body beneath some kind of wrap that ought to be made illegal yesterday if possible. I'm not against peeking into robes to get my Shanina fix, it's just that the Good Lord saw fit to make me incredibly lazy for I do prefer my ogling to be a little less impeded. A man can only angle his head so much before he begins to work up a sweat. Perish the thought.

Shanina Shaik is spreading out from Down Under and into the Western world proper where her star continues to rise. Being linked to celebrity boyfriends never hurts. This DJ thing is inexplicable, but what can you do with life's little inequalities. The most important thing is to stay focused and catch glimpses of Shanina's boobtastic and her sweet tight hiney. Those legs alone are killer. Where they lead is deadly. I want all of it. I will build an EDM playlist on my iPhone if that's what it takes. And that it what it takes. Shanina, give me some time, all those songs sound the same to me. Enjoy.

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